Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black Ops 3 And MvK* / The Plan

 I can imagine that some of you have wondered why I have not been on Call Of Duty or even PSN for well over 2 years? The answer to those questions are rather simple. Towards the end of COD Ghosts I realized that most gamers and hardcore players of COD had decided that the old clan leaders were no longer needed and their "gaming careers" could be put forward by themselves without council. Giving the fact that COD Ghosts was a bad COD I decided to throw in the towel ..... sit back and watch from behind the curtains and see what would happen. What happened was that Call Of Duty became does one say it? ........ Boring. Yes , boring is the word I'm sure.
  After a year or so it became apparent to many online gamers that with the loss of so many of the old original clan leaders and/or creators ....the COD games were just ........ COD games. Boring. Two years later and I found to my dismay that the Call Of Duty community was simply in shambles with rampant IP flooding, account hacks, clan battle ringers and much more. These things are unacceptable and gaming must be brought back to its true and glorious roots. I cannot be more adamant when I proclaim here that solid and true leadership is needed and in a bad way as of current.  
 There must be a leadership so dedicated , so strategic and so methodical that online Call Of Duty clans will be forced to fall within acceptable guidelines or be eliminated entirely thru massive gamer protest and online sanctions of such violators. Using simple guidelines ( which I shall post about shortly ) I know for a fact that online competitive gamers can feel comfortable having fun playing Call Of Duty again without being worried about rogue clans. These things can be achieved and will in fact be achieved with the release of Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 beginning November 6, 2015 along with the launch of the next generation of MvK* ( Most Valuable Killers ) with J30-06K at the helm.

 There are many things being done on AW on PS3 and PS4 towards MvK* on BO3. If you are interested in helping in any way please feel free to contact J30-06K via the right hand side of this blog. For more information about what you can do to help MvK or even join you can message me here, on twitter and/or youtube.

                                                                             Thank You All