Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Brilliant Purchase Of Oculus Rift By Facebook

 As some of you know ..... Facebook purchased the most advanced and promising version of virtual reality called "Oculus Rift" some time ago for a very large sum of money. The implications of such a move is simply brilliant to put it lightly. Some people are at odds about what Facebook intends to accomplish with technology such as Oculus Rift , however, I am not.
 Just imagine that when logged into your Facebook page you would no longer have to type or post pictures to your friends, families and/or lovers. Instead ..... you can strap on your virtual reality headset ( amongst other accessories ) and talk to your friends or whoever just like they were standing right there in your room with you. These idea's are truly revolutionary and will change forever the way we see and use social media.
 I have never been much of a fan of Facebook , however, I must give props to this new form of social interaction because it is simply amazing and brilliant. Just a small word of advice ........ maybe we should start buying stock in virtual reality because it is most certainly the way of the future not only for gaming but also social media.