Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Warning : Youtube Is Deleting Subscribers Again.

 Update :

 Now it seems that after each new update that Youtube rolls out they now delete so called " inactive channels". That's all fine and welcome, however, I have found that each time they delete thousands of my " inactive subscribers " I check and realize that its the inactive channels that are still subscribed to my channel such as channels that have been terminated for violations. How does this make any sense? My Youtube channel was up to 25,000 subscribers a year ago only to be " adjusted" to just over 17,000. That's a loss of over 8,000 subscribers and there is no way they can tell me that 8,000 channels had been shut down.
 The new update rolled out just the other day with a few changes that just seem, well.... pointless. It seems as though Youtube just keeps trying to adjust the service only to find themselves in an endless circle. Remember the waves of hate about the "big" Youtube update that forever changed the service? They destroyed channel customization by making each channel look identical besides a small banner only for use with google+. Don't get me wrong, I love Youtube and google plus, however, I just wish they would do a final update once an for all and stop jumping random idea's around. Oh yea, and leave my subscribers alone your deleting real active channels regardless of what you say.