Friday, October 30, 2015

Minecraft Live Streams Daily

I have begun uploading Minecraft commentary's to my gaming channel and will upload at least on full video series per day going forward. Just wanted to get that out there so if you like Minecraft or you are interested in joining me and my friends in future video's just shoot me a message because look forward to playing with new people and doing interesting things in the game.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Next Generation Nintendo Console (NX) For 2016

A lot of you have probably already heard about Nintendo developing a gaming console. The problem is not a lot of people have no idea what this new Nintendo console ( or consoles ) consists of. Well, I'm here to clarify a few things in which I have heard from a reliable source who has daily information upon the subject at hand. Lets just utilize a small list bellow of some of the information I have learned.

1. The new console has new top of the line chips on par with Sony's Ps4 and beyond that of Microsoft's XboxOne running all games at 60 frames per second in 1080p.

2. The console will be fully compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS (only the "new" version) including using it as a controller (just an option) or cross play functionality amongst other uses in which I cannot talk about at this time.

2. There will be no disc support meaning that you will only be able to download content.

3. It will ship with 1TB of space.

 I hope this answers at least some of your questions about Nintendo's new gaming devise and I will update it as soon as I get more information.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Now looking For GFX Designers

 J30-06K is now looking for the best GFX artists. Think you have what it takes to get your career going? Contact me .


Imitators And Fakes On The World Wide Web

 I have tried everything in my power to positively identify myself on numerous social sites and/or networks and even websites to prove who I really am ( J30-06K ) in vein. It seems that no matter how much proof I present or how many fans I prove I have in the forms of subscribers, followers.....ect, these things become more and more elusive. Only those who spend huge amounts of money ( I heard 10,000$ + ) on twitter or are super famous actors , musicians ect can get verified. Most people want verified for reasons of prestige while others ( like myself ) only seek to prevent fakes from defiling our online presence so that people know that we are the real thing.
 With an official Google+ page with 1/4 Million page views, twitter with 20,000 followers and a Youtube with 17K+ you would think there would be some kind of system in place to show the general population that I am who I say I am. This does not present a huge problem while I'm online because thousands know my voice and understand that's it me while in voice and/or video chats , however, whilst offline ...... anyone can masquerade as me at any given time hurting my true image along with millions of others.
 It is my ultimate goal to start a social media movement ( very peaceful ) as to convince major social media providers such as Twitter , Youtube, Google , ect  to act more freely in verifying true and real accounts which are under constant assault by hackers and/or fanboys/girls. Constant online bullying, assaults , and/or hacks against real individuals must cease and at once. I call on all online leaders to come together to help curve the overwhelming problems outlined above for the better of the internet and the betterment of our online future in general.

                                                                         Jason Krohmer

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Failure Of XBoxOne In Modern Gaming

 Its hard to imagine such a seasoned video game console maker creating such problems for itself as Microsoft has with the xboxone. It would not be unreasonable to assume that right out of the gate Microsoft shot themselves in their own foot with the unveiling of the new system as more of an "entertainment system" rather than a video game console. Sony had pushed from the very beginning how the Playstation4 was a true gaming devise that was focused on a better video game experience overall. Again, it would not be unreasonable to also assume that this is why the Ps4 had won the show and went on to outsell xboxone by a wide margin.
  The xboxone unveiling was determined to push unwanted things upon their fans ( and potential fans )  such as T.V abilities and the dreaded "always online" requirement. First, people have plenty of stuff already to watch great television without another huge box in their livin rooms such as HD cable and the like so who really needs a gaming console for T.V over games? Secondly, Nobody wants or enjoys an always online requirement because it simply does not make any sense. Who really wants to be unable to play video games if your internet temporarily goes out or something similar happens? The answer is simple ....... Nobody, that's who.
  Now a little over a year since both next gen consoles have launched and have established a rather meaty game selection it becomes apparent that the xboxone is unable to run games at 60 frames per second without developers bumping down the graphics to 740p and even then performance is lacking compared to Sony's Playstation 4. Most games for the ps4 are 1080p HD and run at 60 frames per second no problem while xboxone struggles to keep up with last gen specks. How can a console be truly next gen when it can hardly even keep up with last gen specifications?
 The long list of Microsoft's mistakes with the xboxone is way to large to write about them all here, however, I can assume you all get the drift of what I'm saying here. Now its just going to be xboxone trying to play catch up with the Playstation's wild success as a gaming platform for gamers. Please do not take me the wrong way and think I'm hating on the xboxone because I'm not. I'm only writing my feelings on the matter and I do truly hope that Microsoft can step it up when it comes to the xboxone and turn it into a dedicated video game console instead of the " all in one" entertainment devise that we do not need in the age of tablets and smartphones.