Saturday, August 15, 2015

Advance Warfare ..... The 2 Same Mistakes.

 Even though I really enjoy Call Of Duty Advance Warfare the game does in fact suffer from some of the same old mistakes of COD games past. I cannot for the life of me understand how these mistakes make their way into every single Call Of Duty game to date. What are these mistakes you ask? Well ....... lets just take a little peek shall we? I will rate these mistakes in numerical order with one being the worst.

#1. Throwing players into an already lost game.

 Summery :

 You know what I'm talking about here . We have all suffered greatly from the horrible match system which continuously puts players into a losing match with the enemy team calling in all their kill/score streaks. There is no excuse to continuously throw players, however good , in the middle of game lost before even being thrown in kicking and screaming resulting in most "sign outs" in COD and quite frankly ......... I don't fucking blame them at all for leaving these games that no amount of skill can bring back from the losing pit.

#2. Second Controllers

Summery :

 Lets just face the facts here ......... second controllers have been the sole backbone of cheaters and boosters since the introduction of this stupid idea. I have been playing COD since the first online matches were launched and I have NEVER seen a second controller do good in a game. As a matter of fact...... we have all continuously seen these second controllers as dyers ( those who die on purpose for another player on the opposite team. Creators of Call Of Duty ........ when are you going to realize that adding this crap to COD was and remains one of the worst moves in gaming history? Remove them ....... please ..... with sugar on top.

 These are only the top two worst ( in my opinion ) mistakes in COD history and one day if enough people complain .......these plagues will be erased forever from multiplayer COD gaming history.