Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Glad I Have A Launch Vita.

 After seeing a new Playstation Vita Slim I must say that I'm very happy indeed that I in fact acquired a lauch Vita for no other reason than the OLED screen. Sure, there are nice new functions that come with the Vita "slim" , however, no matter how many fixes you make or lighter the Vita becomes nothing will ever make up for that most beautiful OLED screen. Simply put, its freaking wonderful. As a matter of fact, the only reason I acquired a Playstation Vita to begin with is because it was sporting the highly coveted ( and expensive ) OLED touch screen.
 People may be complaining about the lack of third party support and huge AAA title for the handheld but not me...... I'm just happy I can play Dragons Crown, a very beautiful game, on that OLED screen. As a matter of fact, while we are talking about video games on the vita why not bring up Killzone Mercenary? Now this is a video game that makes you forget your even playing on a portable. The graphics are so amazing it just simply blows you away and trust me I have seen this game run on the new Vita slim and I can say with certainty that it makes a huge difference that its displayed on a liquid crystal instead of OLED. Don't take me the wrong way, the game still looks amazing, however, I just feel like the new comers to the Vita experience are not getting the same experience in which us launch buyers had. I cannot help but wonder if this will farther hurt sales.
 Seems like I made a very smart move by buying more than one launch Vita because I can only imagine that once these old launch models are gone ( which I think they are ) off the store shelves would probably bring in much more from collectors or simply gamers who want the real Vita experience. Looks like Sony realized that they failed somewhat with the Vita sales and they so much as admitted such by openly saying they no longer plan to support 3rd party development or AAA games for the Vita any longer rather they are moving more towards indie titles and PS4 remote play.
 I'll hold on to my extra launch Vita's because I know one day they will be worth allot of money, not only that but I simply will always have one just in case my main console breaks because I love my OLED vita very much.
 I worry that if I send a broken OLED vita back for repairs what I'll receive back will be a refurbished unit and a slim one at that. So, I shall hold my Vita close to my heart while I bang out new games, ps1 classics and my personal favorites ...... PSP titles all of which look wonderful and that much better on that OLED screen.