Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Next Generation Nintendo Console (NX) For 2016

A lot of you have probably already heard about Nintendo developing a gaming console. The problem is not a lot of people have no idea what this new Nintendo console ( or consoles ) consists of. Well, I'm here to clarify a few things in which I have heard from a reliable source who has daily information upon the subject at hand. Lets just utilize a small list bellow of some of the information I have learned.

1. The new console has new top of the line chips on par with Sony's Ps4 and beyond that of Microsoft's XboxOne running all games at 60 frames per second in 1080p.

2. The console will be fully compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS (only the "new" version) including using it as a controller (just an option) or cross play functionality amongst other uses in which I cannot talk about at this time.

2. There will be no disc support meaning that you will only be able to download content.

3. It will ship with 1TB of space.

 I hope this answers at least some of your questions about Nintendo's new gaming devise and I will update it as soon as I get more information.