Saturday, October 17, 2015

Imitators And Fakes On The World Wide Web

 I have tried everything in my power to positively identify myself on numerous social sites and/or networks and even websites to prove who I really am ( J30-06K ) in vein. It seems that no matter how much proof I present or how many fans I prove I have in the forms of subscribers, followers.....ect, these things become more and more elusive. Only those who spend huge amounts of money ( I heard 10,000$ + ) on twitter or are super famous actors , musicians ect can get verified. Most people want verified for reasons of prestige while others ( like myself ) only seek to prevent fakes from defiling our online presence so that people know that we are the real thing.
 With an official Google+ page with 1/4 Million page views, twitter with 20,000 followers and a Youtube with 17K+ you would think there would be some kind of system in place to show the general population that I am who I say I am. This does not present a huge problem while I'm online because thousands know my voice and understand that's it me while in voice and/or video chats , however, whilst offline ...... anyone can masquerade as me at any given time hurting my true image along with millions of others.
 It is my ultimate goal to start a social media movement ( very peaceful ) as to convince major social media providers such as Twitter , Youtube, Google , ect  to act more freely in verifying true and real accounts which are under constant assault by hackers and/or fanboys/girls. Constant online bullying, assaults , and/or hacks against real individuals must cease and at once. I call on all online leaders to come together to help curve the overwhelming problems outlined above for the better of the internet and the betterment of our online future in general.

                                                                         Jason Krohmer