Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Horrible State Of Clans On PS4

 Almost two years ago I ( J30-06K ) decided to retire from running Team MvK Gaming and/or clans in general. Recently I had become bored and decided to purchase a Playstation 4 in which I had been lacking due to my complete lack of interest, however, after my purchase of the next gen platform the horror of what happened in my absence became rather apparent.
 In my enhanced anticipation I fired up my shiny new Playstation 4 and found to my complete dismay that clans on Call Of Duty have all but collapsed. In complete horror I jumped in and seen that somehow ..... Advance Warfare on PS4 ( or even ps3 for that matter ) had eliminated clans almost altogether accept for COD Elite available in game and in the form of an IOS/Mac app. This would be fine accept for the fact that this app has been designed and programed to eliminate and destroy clans and the power they used to wield. This app ( COD Elite ) has very cleverly injected itself into the inner and mostly secret network of the running of personal clans, thus, destroying them from within without the host clans even suspecting a thing. Simply put, a clan cannot be rated on how much its members play an "app" compared to how much they play together as a team towards their own personalized goals as set up by their respective leaders.
 After the complete horror of witnessing the decayed state of clans upon my return I decided to personally take action and therefore save clans altogether and lead the gaming community into the future with a highly experienced and very capable leadership who is highly experienced in doing such. Welcome to the future ...................... Welcome to Team MvK Gaming .